Underscar Owners Annual Calendar

Underscar Owners Annual Calendar

Choosing your time-ownership week

Many of us take our holiday at about the same time every year, frequently returning to the same resort, and often to the same favourite hotel or villa. Usually we do this because we know our way around, look forward to meeting friends who are also returning, and want to enjoy the same attractions and restaurants. It also reduces stress from beginning to end, so your whole holiday is more enjoyable.

Often the timing of our holidays is determined by school terms, annual gatherings with family and friends, or simply being in a favourite place at a special time of the year. One of the main pleasures of returning to a favourite holiday destination is the peace of mind that comes from knowing where everything is, how it all works, and even to knowing exactly what to pack.

Time-ownership ticks all these boxes and more, because if you fancy a change one year you can swap. So if you want to visit Underscar and the Northern Lakes in a different season, or want to go somewhere completely different at the same, or another, time of the year this calendar can help you with that too. To find out more about swaps visit our page on time-ownership benefits.

When choosing the time of year you want to come to Underscar it’s probably best to start with the season, and then narrow it down to the month. Whatever week you finally choose remember that the actual dates vary from year to year. Whatever the change in the dates of the week, the actual changeover day, Saturday or Sunday, never changes.

When we were designing the calendar, and thinking about changeover days, we took into account travelling time to Underscar for those who live farther away. That is why about half of our cottages changeover on Saturday, and the others on Sunday. So when choosing the cottage that best suits your accommodation and timing requirements, you should also bear in mind the changeover day that best suits your travelling. Remember that changeover days do not vary, so if you choose a Saturday change it will always be a Saturday, and the same for Sundays.

This calendar is unique to Underscar. As with most time-ownership calendars the week numbers do not correspond with those often found in diaries, or with tax or financial years. It is also likely to be different to calendars used by other time-ownership developments where you own weeks. So if you intend to link two weeks into a fortnight break, you’ll need to check that they are sequential.

  1. Start by finding the year column. If it is the current year this will be the first column.
  2. Next look down the week column to find the week you are interested in.
  3. Where the year column and the week row meet is the start date of your holiday week. By reading across you can see if this will work for you in future years.

Important notes
To keep the calendar as simple as possible it only shows dates for Sunday changeovers.
If you have a Saturday changeover your week starts one day earlier than shown, but note the exception for week 1 below.

Week 52 – Your Christmas Special
Always starts on 22nd or 23rd December – dependent upon changeover day.

Week 1 – Celebrate New Year
Always starts on 30th December and ends on 6th January

Weeks 48, 49 & 51
Held vacant as maintenance weeks

Property changeover days

Beckstones, Catbells, Derwent, Glaramara, Grange, Great Gable, High Spy, Hindscarth, Littledale, Seatoller, Skiddaw, Stonethwaite

Ashness, Blencathra, Brackenburn, Castlerigg, Grisedale, Honister, Lattrigg, Manesty, Newlands, Scafell, Robinson, Watendlath, Whinlatter

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