Final Herb Garden Wall planning decision!

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The application for the herb garden wall has been approved by the Lake District Planning Authority at a height of 1.80m. This is well below the original proposal from the Manor of 2.16M and  the UOCL Board are satisfied with the outcome, and hope that the owners of the four affected cottages (Beckstones, High Spy, Littledale and Seatoller) will be satisfied too.

A note from Michael Leviseur, site Manager at the Manor…

Just to let you know, the application for the wall has been approved at a height of 1.80m … so hopefully the Underscar Owners will be happy with the outcome.

We have started work on the front wall which is not very pretty to look at but we will have it tidied up shortly.  We won’t start before 8am or go on after 4.30pm and will try have it tidied up at the end of each day. We are always very conscious that these are precious weeks for the owners so do not want to spoil them more than absolutely necessary. We will try and get it done as quickly as possible.

Thank you as ever for your patience with us.


July 2016

What next?

The consultation and planning part of the process is now complete and it is over to Michael and the restoration team at the Manor to complete the work as stated.

For those who are interested, you can find the full planning decision at the Lake District National Park Authority website:

Enter the application number: 7/2016/2084.

Click ‘search’ and when the new page loads, click on the underlined reference number in blue in the table. At the bottom of the next page, click on the tab which reads ‘Forms, Plans & Decision Details’. You can then access any of the official planning documents. The Decision Notice is at the bottom, 2016_2084DN.pdf.

As the process is now at a conclusion, at least on our part, we wish to thank Underscar owners once again for their contribution and patience throughout the planning application period. If you have any further questions on the matter please refer them to Committee member, Ian Hedley by emailing him at