The Lakes Distillery

Should you be into distilleries and the fascinating ageing processes of many fine spirits, The Lakes Distillery will be right up you’re alley

Whilst this gem has been hidden away for some time now, it’s definitely become a popular attraction, and it’s clear to see why. The company has a high degree of professionalism, backed by Paul Currie, a man with a strong love for his products, a dream brought to reality by continuous determination.

“This is the story of a dream come true (not that it was an easy task!). Our vision is to create one of the leading malt spirits in the world, alongside offering one of the most unique visitor experiences in the Lake District. From a Victorian cattle farm to a world-class production facility of quality spirits, the creation of this unique venue was truly a labour of love.

Every detail has been carefully constructed to support the dream – from the restoration of the buildings through to the technology and hardware used to create the spirits themselves.

The science behind whisky is not a new process but the number of factors influencing the quality of the end product is numerous – these factors are what we make every attempt to shape, control and add flair.”

There are three kinds of tours available at The Lakes Distillery:

  • A detailed guided tour around the distillery,
  • discovery of the stillroom and warehouse,
  • a guided tasting of 3 spirits.
  • This involves the tours and experience included within the Distillery tour
  • Opportunity to sample up to 5 spirit tastings in the cask warehouse after the tour
  • Learning the tasting wheel
  • In-depth, half hour tutored tasting experience
  • This gives the opportunity to join the production team for the entire day, allowing you to really get involved within the production process
  • Help mill the barley
  • Operate the mashtun and a fill a cask in the warehouse
  • Dine for lunch in the award-winning Bistro
  • Put your very own initials into the official distillery logbook
  • Variety of goodies

If this sounds like a fascinating experience, visit The Lakes Distillery website where you can book a place on the tour of your choice, as well as a table at the Bistro.

Or call The Lakes Distillery on 017687 88850